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It’s Like Nazi, But for Women and Gays

Saleslady: Hi, miss, can I help you?
Woman: No, that’s okay, I have my daughter with me.
Saleslady: Are you sure you dont need any help?
Woman: Yes, I am sure. My daughter is quite the fashionada. She gives me the best opinions.
Saleslady, to another saleslady: What’s a fashionada? New Yorkers have their own language or something. –Barney’s Overheard by: ash sauer

Little Does He Know His Buddy Is an Alec Guinness Maniac

Tween boy #1: Do you want to rent Madagascar?
Tween boy #2: No, I’ve seen it.
Tween boy #1: So?
Tween boy #2: I don’t like watching movies I’ve seen already.
Tween boy #1: How about Ice Age?
Tween boy #2: Seen it.
Tween boy #1, to video clerk: Do you have Bridge Over the River Kwai? –video store, Carroll Gardens

Patriotic Feces? Old Navy’s New Product Line Is Genius!

Black lady with five kids: You can’t get anything here. We gots to get to Old Navy to buy us all our Fourth of July t-shirts so we match at the picnic.
Black guy: They have the best deal. Shirts are five dollars each, that’s like [counts kids, self, and wife] less than twenty bucks for all of us, and even the baby shit has a flag on it. –Target, Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn Overheard by: lora