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The Blind Man Was a Bluff

JAP #1: So then he like…stuck his stick up her hoo-ha!
JAP #2: Like in her area? You mean he went for the cash and prizes?
JAP #1: Yeah! So he like… hit her there with his stick, and she spun around and was like, “What the fuck?”, but then was like, “Oh, you’re blind.” But I don’t care. It’s fucked up. –University & Waverly Overheard by: tj

PS I threw up on the note, too.

Guy: I could become a sheriff. Don’t you have to take a test to become a sheriff? What if you have one of those disorders that you throw up whenever you take a test?
Girl: Well I guess you could get a note or something.
Guy: Oh yeah, you could be like, “I threw up on my test, that’s why it smells funny. Here’s a note.” –F train Overheard by: Graham Davis