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I Bet It Was an HMO

Guy #1: So when I started telling him my feelings on the Iraq war, he rolled over to me in his wheelchair and started cursing me out. He was going on about his time in Vietnam and how there are things about war I’ll never understand.
Guy #2: That sucks.
Guy #1: I was like, “Whoa. You’re my shrink! I’m paying you to listen to me!”
Guy #2: Seriously.
Guy #1: Well, at least the co-pay was only $15. But anyway, I’m definitely not going back to him. –Von, Bleecker & Elizabeth Overheard by: Blondie

Consider It an Investment, Just Like a Lottery Ticket

Drunk guy: It doesn’t mean anything! It’s just green paper! It doesn’t mean anything!
Woman #1: Then why don’t you throw it out?
Drunk guy: Fine! [Throws bill onto subway tracks] If it means so much to you, why don’t you go get it?
Woman #1: Yo, that was five-dollar bill!
Woman #2: For reals? Train comes and passes. Drunk guy: Hey, it’s gone. ..Where’s my money? –Franklin St station Overheard by: Melissa Coppola