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We Can Get Those Two Chicks. They Seemed Interested in Some Hot Dogs and Beer.

Bus driver stops in the middle of the street, opens the door, and yells out: Hey! I called you last night, why you didn’t answer? Yeah, I’m working now…What you doing this weekend? Wanna go fishing? Let’s do barbeque. What? Yeah, yeah, man, let’s get some barbeque going. Okay, I have to work now. I’ll call you later tonight.

–Bell Boulevard, Queens

They Had the Same Problem With A Bronx Tale

Girl #1: Where did the first movie take place?
Girl # 2: I thought it was Australia, cause, you know, that was part of the British empire and all.
Girl #1: I think it was some Asian country. Didn’t they talk about Singapore a lot?
Girl #2: Yeah, maybe some place like that.
Girl #1, after a few minutes: Oh, shit, the Caribbean!

Pirates of the Caribbean II, movie theater, 34th St

Overheard by: Anny O and S. Bitchards