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If Only He Could Remember It

Black customer: Hey, let me get that one. [Points at menu]
Black employee: Which one?
Black customer: That one. [Points again]
Black employee: Do you mean the smokehouse beef brisket?
Black customer: Yeah, the one in the picture.
Black employee, sighing: Black people!
Black customer: What? I’m not black. I’m Spanish!
Black employee: No you’re not. Prove it. Say something in Spanish.
Black customer: Como estas?
Black employee: See, you’re not Spanish.
Black customer: My name is Spanish.

–Quizno’s, 12th & Broadway

His Parents Are Being Kind; Her Master’s Is in Business Administration

Skater dude #1: I am mad smart, yo. My parents won’t even tell me my IQ. It’s so high they’re afraid to.
Skater dude #2: I seriously doubt that, man.
Skater dude #1: No, my sister’s way smart. She’s getting her Master’s degree, and my parents told me mine was higher than hers.
Skater dude #2: Dude, she could be smart but you could totally not be. It skips a generation.
Skater dude #1: Not in my family it doesn’t.

–3rd St & 1st Ave

Overheard by: eiaboca