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That Reminds Me; I Need to Get a Gun

Store girl: Here’s your receipt and have a happy holiday!
Store guy: The holidays are over.
Store girl: Valentine’s Day is coming up. –Mazzone True Value Hardware, Carroll Gardens Overheard by: Rob Thug guy: Yo, happy New Year’s, man.
Janitor guy: New Year’s is over, yo.
Thug guy: Happy Mother’s Day! –Port Authority

You’re a Real New Yorker When You Don’t

Girl #1: I haven’t seen our homeless guy lately.
Girl #2: We have a homeless guy?
Girl #1: Yeah, the guy who lives on that mattress under our building.
Girl #2: Oh yeah…I hope he’s okay, I haven’t seen him all week.
Girl #1: You know you’re a New Yorker when you worry about where your homeless guy is. –27th between 5th & Madison Overheard by: Lauren Lerner