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Deal or No Deal?

Vendor guy: Yo man, you 420 friendly? Here, here; here’s my card. Call me up.
Girl: Uh, yeah sure. Can I get my change?
Vendor guy: Oh, right, right. Sure.
Dude: Hey man, can I get $4 worth of weed?
Vendor guy: What? Man. What?
Dude: $4 of weed, man.
Vendor guy: What are you talking about, man? I don’t sell weed. What kind of man do you take me for? Buy $4 of weed. man. I’m offended. Especially in front of this beautiful girl. Asking for weed. Man, what’s yo problem? –30th & 8th Overheard by: Justine

What’s in a Name, Wednesday One-liners?

Receptionist lady: Don’t you be sayin’ my whole name; I’m on America’s Most Wanted! –NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, West 168th Street Overheard by: supermerm