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He’s Still Bummed Because of It

Hobo: If anyone messes with you in the office, just take the palm of your hand an shove it into his nose. Once he messes with you he ain’t Jerry from accounting no more; he’s an assailant and the rest of the office will respect and fear you.
Woman: How did your last office job work out? –L train Overheard by: JDS

When Cliches Backfire

Black man: Why’d you do that? Throwing that money at me. You’re stupid. Here, give it to me…You’re stupid. Why did you throw the money at me?
Cashier guy: I set it down! I didn’t throw it.
Black man: You’re stupid!
Manager guy: Why do you have to make it personal?
Black man: Mind your own business. –Citgo, Long Island City

They: No, we weren’t.

Chick: Why you looking at her? Who is she?
Guy: I don’t know, but she’s sexy as hell.
Chick: Nigga please. She ain’t all that. What she got that I don’t got?
Guy: A pretty face, a nice ass, big tits, a banging body…Need I say more? –Downtown Brooklyn Overheard by: The girl they were talking about