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Nice People Suck

Tourist lady: People are so mean here. I think they should just give bin Laden the nuclear warhead and let him take this place out. Make this Ground Zero.
Pet-Adoption man: Uh…
Tourist lady: And I’m a nice person.

–Pet adoption kiosk, Union Square

Overheard by: Frightened for the Homeless Kitten’s Life

In That Way, We Are the Opposite of You Happy Americans Who Make Crap

Belgian friend: Have you ever been to Belgium?
American friend: Yes. Five times.
Belgian friend: Really? Five times? What did you think of it?
American friend: It was beautiful, and the food was fantastic. But I noticed the people there looked so sad and depressed. Although I did see a certain pride in their faces…like they know they make great products.
Belgian friend, thoughtfully: Mmmm, yes. We do make great products.

–Joyce Theater, 19th & 8th

Overheard by: Shannon