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It Couldn’t Hurt Worse than Hearing you use the Phrase ‘Treasure Trail’

Blonde: You know what I did this morning?
Brunette: What?
Blonde: I plucked out my treasure trail with tweezers. Pain isn’t even the word.
Brunette: What the fuck? Why?
Blonde: It was too short to wax and I was impatient…
Brunette: Ummm…why didn’t you just shave it then?
Blonde: Oh hell no! It’d grow back like the next day! Shit, I’d pluck out my whole crotch if I knew I wouldn’t pass out from the pain!

–St. Mark’s Place

Overheard by: Mistress Silver

Touché, Ann Coulter, Touché

Tourist guy #1: New York is cool man, a lot of places to visit and shit.
Tourist guy #2: Yeah, I know… I can’t wait to find me one of them horny-ass "Sex in the City" whores to suck me up while I’m here.
Tourist guy #1: That’s a myth, you fag. It ain’t real.
Tourist guy #2: Look at those moms over there. I bet they’re craving some young cock.

–Outside Radio City Music Hall

Overheard by: FatCop

Or More Accurately, Wanted You to Fit in Me

Teen girl: Hi. Yes, hi. Excuse me. I know you don’t know me but, what background are you from?
Teen boy: Ummm, why do you ask?
Teen girl: You look like an interesting mix and I really really want to know.
Teen boy: Ummm. Actually, I don’t know.
Teen girl: You don’t know? How come?
Teen boy: I was adopted.
Teen girl: Really? Wow! I don’t know my real parents either! Ok, ok. That’s not true. I just wanted to fit in.

–F train

Yeah, What Kind of Fucked-up Bush Grows Pickled Peppers Anyway?

Guy #1: That tongue twister "Sally sells seashells at the seashore" is whacked. Why would you sell seashells at the seashore when you can just pick up seashells at the seashore for free?
Guy #2: Because it’s nice and people are too lazy to look for a nice seashell in the seashore.
Guy #1: What will they do with a seashell? Just look at it?
Guy #2: You can listen to the ocean if you put it in the ear.
Guy #1: Why would I buy a seashell to listen to the ocean if I can listen to the ocean right there? It doesn’t make sense, son.
Guy #2: I don’t know. It’s just a tongue twister, man. It’s not supposed to make sense. Just like the pickle piper shit.

–Uptown 6 train