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Oh, Dad! We Have Pills For That Now

Girl: So I’m finally going to tell that guy that I like him.
Father: What guy?
Girl: That really hot dude that took me to the prom.
Father: Oh, ok, good.
Girl: But it’s going to be really weird cuz this guy could have any woman he wants.
Father: Just hit him over the head, drag him in the house and don’t let him leave.

–A train

Overheard by: cave man style

Conversation on the Six-of-the-Best Train

Disproportionately hot nerd girl: You know, I was scarred by a guy once. It was on a fur rug. With a knife.
Attractive nerd guy: Wow. Real fur?
Disproportionately hot nerd girl: Real knife too. Very ‘Kushiel’s Dart’ sort of moment.
Attractive nerd guy: He must have thought you were pretty special, I mean, what do you have to do to get blood out of fur? I’m guessing it’s dryclean only.
Disproportionately hot nerd girl: Anyway that was my first, and only, foray into S&M. After that I stuck to D&D.

– 6 Train

Overheard by: Scott Gresham

At Least, That’s What Thabo Mbeki Tells me

Blonde girl: But he’s in a relationship…
Brunette girl: This is how I feel about the whole girlfriend thing. The way I see it, everyone’s fair game as long as the girl isn’t one of your friends and you don’t get too attached. That’s really the only problem. Well, that and AIDS… But not many people have aids.

–E train at the World Trade Center station

Overheard by: ginalori