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So a Snake or a Car Interior

Teen girl #1: What are going to be for Halloween again? A snake or somethin’?
Teen girl #2: I don’t know. All I know is, it’s gonna be tons of mad tight leather and vinyl.
Teen girl #1: Oh, yeah.

–Q train, Union Square

Look, Just Tell Me What You Believe, I’ll Pretend to Go along with It, and We Can Get This Date off the Ground

Hipster girl: Oh my god! You’re Catholic? I’m Catholic, too!
Guy: Really?
Hipster girl: Yeah! Well, not really.
Guy: So you just say you’re Catholic, just in case? Do you believe in everything, just in case?
Hipster girl: No! Well, I guess so. I’m also Jewish.

–20th St & Park

Overheard by: vic