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Wednesday One-liners Read 1 Corinthians

Queer on cell: So I saw this store that was going out of business…Yeah, so I got a faith and three hopes…Or was it two faiths and three hopes?…Ha, yeah, there wasn’t any love or anything. I bet I could sell a faith to Madonna for a hundred million dollars. Like, “Here you go, this is the most religious thing ever. More than you….bitch.”…Ha, ha, yeah. “It has holy waters from all over the world. The Pope came on it.” –New School, West 13th Street Overheard by: jimster

They Do Make TVs With Off Buttons Now

Guy: Omigod dude, the main detective guy from Law & Order: SVU guest stars as a pediatrician on Scrubs! I could never imagine him doing the things he’s doing right now.
Girl: No dude, omigod, you know he was on Oz and he was a gay prisoner and he liked getting it in the ass and giving it too. That’s extreme, man. –Penn Station