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Overheard in the Bookstore

January 31st sees the release of Overheard in New York, the book. There are apparently people out there who have lives and don’t read websites; now they can see for themselves what this site we all love so much is all about. The book is perfect subway reading, and makes a great gift for Chicks, Dudes, Old ladies, Tourist moms and Crazy guys. And unlike
almost every other website turned into a book, we weren’t censored. You get the best of the best–and the worst of the worst!–as well as a bunch of quotes we saved especially for the print edition. We’re very excited and hope to make this an annual tradition. It’ll be
like Zagat’s, but with hobos. You can order it here. –Morgan & Michael (and 4 pages of contributors!)

How Was Your Holiday, New York?

Guy: Did you hook up with anyone on New Year’s?
Girl: Yeah, and he’s like a prince of some country.
Guy: Heh, that’s cool I guess. Did he take you to his palace?
Girl: No, but that would’ve been cool. I’ve always wanted to touch a prince’s penis. –6 train Chick: So, I figured we’d ring in the new year with a three-way. –34th & Park Chick: There are 3 things I hate about the holidays. One, people who become assholes for no reason. Two, people who become more emotional for no reason. And three, people who are both of the above. –86th & 2nd Overheard by: Gwenn Levine