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They Don’t Have Buffets in Brooklyn?

Woman #1: And I told him, I mean, you wanna gamble, you got to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. You out there gamblin in Brooklyn where they don’t give you part credit if you part right.
Woman #2: Mmm hmmm.
Woman #1: They lost 10,000 in one day. If you in Las Vegas, at least it’s still a trip. Go outside and get on the roller coaster. Get some buffet. But if you in Brooklyn, you still in Brooklyn when you done gamblin. –4/5 train

Do What He Says and Nobody Gets Hurt

Conductor: This is 59th Street, Columbus Circle. Next Stop 72nd. Please use all available doors, folks. Please, use all available doors and walk to the center of the car. I’m talking to you, lady. Yeah, you in the purple standing by the door. Walk… in… to… the…. middle. Don’t give me that face, just get in the middle.
Woman in purple: Jesus! I’m switching cars. Fuck you, nigga! The doors close. Conductor: Haha, bitch. –D train, Columbus Circle Overheard by: Lauren Michelle