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NY1 Top Story: Child Protection Services Taken Over by MTA

Voice over PA, as train is pulling out of the station: How you gonna let your child run around like that? You call yourself a mother? I could’ve closed the doors on your child and then what? You would’ve been all sad and shit but I was nice, I chose to keep the doors open. You call yourself a mother… lettin’ your child run around on the subway… –1 train Overheard by: LSB

Now Recruiting: Army of Trashed Spies

Drunk Jersey girl #1: I can never submit anything to Overheard in New York
Drunk Jersey girl #2: Why not? You’re in New York more than you’re in Jersey.
Drunk Jersey girl #1: Yeah but by the time I get home I’m drunk and I forget what I heard.
Drunk Jersey girl #2: You’re a fuckin’ mess. Get a laptop. –5th Ave & Union

The New Crunch Marketing Strategy

Girl on cell: Seriously George, I gained twenty pounds while I was in LA, and now every black guy in the city can’t stop talking to me about my ass!
Guy slowly driving by and waving out window: Oooh girl, you so fiiiine…you gorgeous.
Girl on cell: Jesus Christ! There’s another one! I’ve gotta call you back, I’m going to the gym. –Broadway & Bleeker