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Maybe ThugLover12 Isn’t the Best Alias for You

Queer #1: So when he showed up I was surprised because he was kinda gangsta.
Queer #2: Ok, so what’s wrong with that?
Queer #1: Well, I guess I should have expected it because his profile said he was from the Bronx… but I mean you can still be from the Bronx and be Americanized. –Union Square East

Ten If He’s Been Drinking

Girl: He only stuck it in, so it doesn’t count.
Boy: Stuck it in? Like what’s that mean?
Girl: I dunno, like three thrusts, tops.
Boy: Yeah, you’re a virgin still. It has to be at least five thrusts to count. –74th St & Ditmars, Jackson Heights

Time for a New Wingwoman

Lady on train: What are you watching?
Overexcited man with portable DVD: The Da Vinci Code.
Lady: Oh! Cool! Is it good?
Overexcited man: It’s EXCELLENT!
Lady: Oh — I heard from people that the book was better.
Lady’s friend: That’s bullshit. She doesn’t read. –Penn Station, LIRR Overheard by: Jordo VB