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He’s on His Third Liver Now

Girl: Gross man, you eating White Castle. Nasty.
Guy: Yeah girl, these is good. I love them.
Girl: Guess you won’t be loving them when the next time you take a shit, your liver comes out too.
Guy: Man, why you hatin’ on White Castle?
Girl: You’ll see. –124th & St. Nicholas Overheard by: Fred Humphrey

I Once OD’ed on Ben-Gay (True Story)

Suit on cell: So I got some of that topical headache medicine. You know, the cream that comes in a giant chapstick tube so you just rub it on your head without getting it on your hands. Well, I don’t know if it worked. I got so much of it in my eyes that I had to spend the rest of the night in the emergency room. –Penn Station