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‘Cause, Baby…You’s a Heartbreaker

Young man, after unsuccessfully hitting on young woman: Yo, a nurse’s job is to take care of the patients.
Young woman: Mmm hmm.
Young man: Yo, but I’ma be a nurse practitioner. They do the same thing doctors do.
Young woman: Oh?
Young man: I could perform heart surgery on you. Not legally. But I could do it.

–4 train, 2:30 AM

Overheard by: Brandon

If It’s That Much Fun, You Weren’t Doing the Right Drugs

20-Something guy #1: I loved rehab.
20-Something guy #2: I did, too.
20-Something guy #1: You know, I’m so grateful for the friends. –19th & 8th Overheard by: Sebastian White
Headline by: Adam Nathan
· “And Don’t Forget the Free Detox Poncho” – Toby
· “And By ‘Friends,’ He Means ‘Points of Reference.'” – Jessica P.
· “And Your Daughters Appreciate Not Having to Say They Fell Down the Stairs at School” – Fake Jew
· “However, My Intervention Was a Bore.” – Sean
· “If I Ever Get Lonely, I Know I Can Just Relapse.” – Colin McCleod
· “It’s Hard to Find People Who Understand My Smurf Porn Addiction.” – John
· “Its Just Like Summer Camp! But With No Blow” – Liss
· “So No One Told Ya Life Was Gonna Be This Wayyy (Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap)” – pete
· “That’s Spelled F-I-E-N-D-S” – Bostonian
· “They Were The Mayo On My Cold Turkey” – Hellboy
· “You Should See the Support at the Sexaholics Meeting” – Mike

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