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Friends Don’t Let Friends Be Drug Mules

Black guy: I just really don’t wanna go to prison in Africa.
White guy: Of course. And, if at any time you feel like that might be a possibility, the operation comes to a close. I value you and your sweet virgin ass and unslit throat over some cheap pot.
Black guy: That’s how I know you’re a real friend.

–Parking lot, LaGuardia

Overheard by: slightly confused

Must Be an OINY Reader

Tourist #1: Can you take our picture?
Young man: Sure.

Tourists put on “Chinese” hats and make their eyes slanty by pulling at the corners.

Tourists: Ching, chow, chey, high-ya!
Young man: I’m not sure you should do that.
Tourist #1: Do you think they know we’re making fun of them?
Young man: Nooo…I bet they think it’s just what crazy Europeans do when taking pictures.

Young man hands back camera and walks away quickly.

Young man to friend: That was so offensive I think it was funny.


Overheard by: chapster

Nothing Good Ever Follows the Words ‘You People’

Hispanic woman: I love you Chinese people. You don’t gain weight like us Americans. It must be some secret Chinese roots you eat.
Young Asian girl: [Stares quizzically]
Hispanic woman: You people even have all fried food and the sauce, but you stay so skinny. I love Chinese food, but it make me fat. Why it doesn’t make you people fat? It is a Chinese secret; tell me it.
Young Asian girl: I’m actually of Japanese descent, and my family has lived in Jersey since the 1920′s.
Hispanic woman: But you still skinny.

–7 train, 5th Ave/Bryant Park

Overheard by: SandmanEsq