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I Vote for the No Kids

Guy: I’m like your gay boyfriend.
Girl: Kind of.
Guy: …only without the gay sex part, of course.
Girl: Yes, and without the sense of style.
Guy: I don’t know if I’d say that…
Girl: See, you’re just very emotional. But you should really work on the style, ’cause it’s the best thing about the gay. –Virgin, Union Square

The Trains Ran One-way in Germany, Too

American girl: Yeah, the subway runs express out of Astoria and local into Astoria. It wouldn’t make sense any other way. See all the people on the train?
German guy: Why would it only run express one way?
American girl: You’re not from here, I don’t expect you to understand. –N train

Shave and a Haircut, Four Twits

Girl #1: You wanna hear something, like, totally outrageous?
Girl #2: Always!
Girl #1: …One side of my hair grows faster than the other.
Girl #2: No way! That’s so weird.
Girl #1: Yeah! Like, the right side grows faster than the left side, and I have to show up at a salon and have them cut off the right side but not the left.
Girl #2: …You’re weird. –Carmine’s, West 44th Street

She Buys It in Bulk

Teen boy: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is Dwayne and I am in a program that keeps me and other kids like me off the street. They have us sell candy for $1. All profits go directly to the youth program that keeps us off the street. If you would like to purchase Snickers, Twix or Starburst, they are only $1.
Hobo: Hey, lady! Hey, fat lady! Buy some candy. You like candy, don’t you? Fat lady! Get some candy! Get some!
Lady: Asshole. –6 train Overheard by: Lydia M

“I only kneel for Christ.”

Girl: Do you smell that? Smells like straight up pussy in this bitch.
Guy: I wouldn’t know.
Girl: What do you mean you wouldn’t know? It’s pussy.
Guy: I wouldn’t know. I’m gay.
Girl: Damn, son. So what does dick smell like?
Guy: Wouldn’t you know? I mean when you get on your knees? –M14D bus Overheard by: Janelle Someone