Two Voices, a Single Dream

Girl #1, into phone: No, we’re in Brooklyn. Yeah, Spot Collins’s territory.
Girl #2: I cannot believe you just made a Newsies reference.
Girl #1: Bitch, please — you do it all the time.

–17th & 4th, Brooklyn

Overheard by: me too

I Can Teach You, But I Have to Charge

Snappy white woman from Long Island to group of noisy black kids with a baby carriage: When are you guys getting off this bus? I need to know when. Just tell me what stop you’re getting off at so I can decide whether I need to catch another one. The baby’s mother has her breast out and is squeezing and batting it around, a look of glee on her face. The baby is fast asleep in the stroller. Mother: Look, milk comin’ out of it!!
Long Island woman: Seriously, when are you getting off? –M15 bus downtown Overheard by: hannah g