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‘Cause My Body So Breadilicious

Homeless man: You need to pray to Jesus everyday. Do you thank Jesus for your food or your family or the newspaper? The devil is killing you through newspapers and the media. Are you thankful to Jesus? He loves you if you talk to him everyday.
Queer: I would be thankful to Jesus if you would stop shouting in my ear so I can listen to Beyonce’s newest album.

–N train

Overheard by: Brina Guild

Headline by: kempadimes

· “Is my Savior too bootylicious?” – Mdaneman
· “Jesulicious” – Mark Schilsky
· “Jesus loves me, this I know. A fucking hobo tells me so.” – Extra Character
· “Jesus saves souls, not careers” – Megan
· “Some messiahs are so high-maintenance” – N. A. Cargo

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‘Til Your Third Stabbing Do Us Part

Female associate: … See, that’s his problem. He be startin’ shit with niggas when he know he ain’t armed!
Male associate: He gon’ get stabbed again.
Female associate: He get stabbed again, I’ma be like, ‘See ya!’ You can’t talk shit you ain’t got no gun!

–Filene’s Basement, Union Square

Overheard by: Manhattan

I Mean Like Really Boring Sex

Girl #1: You know what I like? Sleep sex.
Girl #2: Sleep sex? What’s that?
Girl #1: You know… Like, when you’re asleep, and you wake up, and you’re having sex.
Girl #2: You mean like rape?

–NYU Library

Overheard by: Kent by Day

But You Can Leave Your Cute Little Dog Here

Tourist to no one in particular: Which way is the gay area?
Queer in black leather gear: You’re here.
Tourist: Where are the gay stores?
Queer in black leather gear: All around here.
Tourist: Where are the gay people?
Tourist friend: I think they go out more in the night time, right?
Queer in black leather gear: Go back to Kansas.

–16th & 8th

Overheard by: amalia