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I Love Dick, I Just Wish I Liked Yours

Boyfriend: I love Barnes and Noble.
Girlfriend: Yeah, I love books.
Boyfriend: Me, too. I just wish I liked reading. –Barnes & Noble, Union Square Headline by: Tosser Runners-Up: · “As long as it gets the poo off my ass, I’m happy” – Jim C. · “But I have a nice set of Hemingway coasters.” – Sarah K · “But get enough of them together, you have one hell of a fort.” – DJR · “I just like to judge them by their covers” – Peter · “It’s goal number 2, right after learnig to color inside the lines” – kristen
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Wednesday One-Liners Take Flight

Hobo to girl on cell: Marry me! [Girl shakes her head.] Chicken! –8th & Broadway Black guy on cell: You ain’t no spring chicken, and you ain’t no Donald Trump. You gotta be considerate. You gotta stick it inside that girl. –8th & Broadway Overheard by: Barbara Black guy to stubborn pigeon: Bird, don’t think I won’t fuck you up. –61st St Overheard by: bill r Lady: She could be humping a chicken for all I care… –1 train Overheard by: ChiChi Blonde: She is the last person that should be allowed to live next to a rooster. –W 45th & Broadway Overheard by: MW