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I Love Dick, I Just Wish I Liked Yours

Boyfriend: I love Barnes and Noble.
Girlfriend: Yeah, I love books.
Boyfriend: Me, too. I just wish I liked reading.

–Barnes & Noble, Union Square

Headline by: Tosser

· “As long as it gets the poo off my ass, I’m happy” – Jim C.
· “But I have a nice set of Hemingway coasters.” – Sarah K
· “But get enough of them together, you have one hell of a fort.” – DJR
· “I just like to judge them by their covers” – Peter
· “It’s goal number 2, right after learnig to color inside the lines” – kristen

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Wednesday One-Liners Take Flight

Hobo to girl on cell: Marry me! [Girl shakes her head.] Chicken!

–8th & Broadway

Black guy on cell: You ain’t no spring chicken, and you ain’t no Donald Trump. You gotta be considerate. You gotta stick it inside that girl.

–8th & Broadway

Overheard by: Barbara

Black guy to stubborn pigeon: Bird, don’t think I won’t fuck you up.

–61st St

Overheard by: bill r

Lady: She could be humping a chicken for all I care…

–1 train

Overheard by: ChiChi

Blonde: She is the last person that should be allowed to live next to a rooster.

–W 45th & Broadway

Overheard by: MW

Wednesday One-Liners with Botched Cosmetic Surgery

Lady suit: What are you gonna do about it? What are you going to do about the post-modernism on my forehead?

–Starbucks, The Villiage

Girl on cell: No, no… I don’t think you understand — my hips are two different sizes! You don’t know what this is going to do to my self-esteem.

–Columbia University

Overheard by: i should have gone to harvard

Chick on cell: … Yes, it’s coming out of my abdomen…

–Washington Square South

Overheard by: Tyler

Wifey to hubby, looking at statue: They got the knees just right! You know how I’ve been looking at my knees a lot?

–The Met

Overheard by: sweetchuck

Skinny tween boriqua: Yo, I’m gonna take all the fat from my stomach and put it on my ass.

–231st & Broadway

Overheard by: KK

Hot chick: Well, you don’t have arm testicles.

–East Houston St, near BHSEC

MTA lady to another: She got a lot o’ heart for a pussy!

–4/5/6 train underpass, 59th St

Some Freshly-Minted Wednesday One-Liners

Hobo: Pretty soon this gon’ be a paper-less world. I’ll help you… Gimme all your paper money. I bring you to the future.

–Outside CVS, Lex

Teen girl: Of course there were credit cards in the ’50s. How else would they have gotten their money from the ATMs?


Overheard by: Hans

Hipster boy to hipster girl: Yeah, remember that time we stuck to our principles? We got screwed out of a shitload of cash!


Overheard by: Steph

Articulate crazy man: Make money the old-fashioned way: put mercenaries on your payroll!

–6 train

Overheard by: Interested. Very interested.

Conductor: To the person who lost a roll of cash held together with a rubber band, come see me. I found the rubber band.

–A train, 59th St

Overheard by: John

Fat old guy to pal: You’re either going to hurt yourself, hurt someone else, or lose all of us millions of dollars.

–8th & 7th, Park Slope

Overheard by: Julian Bennett Holmes

Thug handing 20-dollar bill to clerk: Be careful! Let it dry — I just made that.

–Deli, 137th & Broadway