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You Look a Lot Less Like You in Person

Man #1: What is going on here?
Man #2: They are filming the new Sex in the City movie with Sarah Jessica Parker. They have the entrance to the subway blocked off.
Man #1: Wonderful. I wouldn’t even know what Sarah Jessica Parker looks like.
Woman nearby: Hi. I’m Sarah Jessica Parker.
Man #1: Nice to meet you. Can I go home now?
Sarah Jessica Parker: Sure, go ahead.

–Outside 6 train entrance

Overheard by: Matt

Until They Fall on You

Tiny Asian girl: She was massive! And you know how, like, sometimes the trains don’t open both doors and they just open one? She could barely get in. And then when she finally squeezed through, she took up, like, three fucking seats.
Skinny brunette: That’s crazy. You never see fat people.

–24th & 8th

Overheard by: Frank P.

CIA: Hmmm…

Grandson: I wanna watch that show Chuck — about the spy.
Grandma: Cluck? It’s called ‘Cluck’?
Grandson: Chuck. He’s a spy.
Grandma: Cluck? Like a chicken?
Grandson: Grandma, you’re stupid.
Grandma: I just don’t think a chicken would make a good spy. He’d always be clucking.
Grandson: He’s not a chicken, he’s a spy.
Grandma: But then again, no one expects a chicken… Damn chickens…

–L train

As Did Flower

Girl: You went out with a girl named ‘Flower’?!
Boy: You have very big boobs.

–Brooklyn Public Library, Coney Island

Overheard by: breaking the library rules

The Gender Double Standard: Exposed.

Eight-year-old girl #1 while shopping for costume: Oooh! We can be a flasher! Let’s be a flasher!
Eight-year-old girl #2: Yeah! A flasher!
Mom: No, you cannot be a flasher. You can’t go to school dressed as a flasher.
Teen son: But I can!

–Costume store, 11th & 4th

Overheard by: Big E