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And He Was a Big Hit

Guy picks himself and his bike up off the street while other people approach…

Latino kid: Damn, son! Did you see that?! Motherfucker just got hit!
White guy: Hit him, too, or just the bike?
Latino kid: Man, that car hit the shit outta that guy! [Answers cell phone] Yo, get down here, son. Some dude just got hit!

–17th & Prospect, Park Slope

Overheard by: Matt Hartwick

Must Be Great Having a Celebrity for a Father

Angry kid: Man, I’m tired of seeing that naked white fag with the guitar all the time.
Friend: Your dad?
Angry kid: No, you dumb fuck! That freak over there — he’s in postcards and shit. He’s like a celebrity, kinda.
Friend: I think that’s your dad…
Angry kid: Fuck you, ho.

–TKTS station, Times Square