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And She Was Naked

College guy #1: Remember that time in high school when we brought up all your dad’s old guns from the basement?
College guy #2: Yeah, man, that was so funny.
College guy #1: I know, we all thought that was hysterical. Except for Emily. She totally flipped out. I mean, it wasn’t like we had actually loaded the guns.
College guy #2: Yeah, but then again, she had been held up at gunpoint before, so I guess that’s why. –115th & Broadway

Heaven Looks Just Like Hell, Except People Take Care of Each Other

Crazy lady: You know what, Eric? All of our friends? Fuck them. She wants to commit suicide, she wants the universe to explode — it’s fucked up. That’s why me and Baby are going to go get something to eat. You should come.
Crazy man #1, Eric: No, I can’t come. I don’t really feel like being outside. Last time all I wanted when I went outside was some milk and oranges, and I couldn’t find them anywhere.
Crazy man #2, Baby: Oh, then don’t worry. When we come back, we’ll find you oranges and milk on the way and bring them to you.
Crazy lady: Mama’s gonna bring you back a good orange. A Sunkist orange. You know what else Mama’s gonna do? Bring you some good milk. Milk and oranges for my Eric. –Staten Island Ferry

Or Columbia. Whichever.

Ghetto chick #1: When I have kids I’m going to beat them.
Ghetto chick #2: Yeah, my mama and daddy beat me, and it showed me right.
Ghetto chick #1: Me, too. I came out fine.
Ghetto chick #2: You know what happens when you don’t beat your kids? Columbine. –Pace University, Spruce St Overheard by: cleybold

God, Are You High-Maintenance, or What?

Drunk chick #1, as train approaches: Oh, no, here it comes! Quick, put on your sober face! [Drunk chick #2 stands up straight, takes a deep breath, and vomits all over the platform.] It’s okay, you look fine. Just don’t fall asleep on the train again. –1 train