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Thanks. My Feet Feel Better Now.

20-ish female tourist: My feet are killing me. I shouldn’t have worn heels.
20-ish boyfriend: Heels aren’t that bad. I wore them and a dress for a play in eighth grade.
20-ish female tourist: My dad loves dressing up as a woman. –C train, Port Authority

Tits Have Points

Dude #1: Yo, check it out: this chick in the lecture I was just in — huge tits, bro.
Dude #2: Yeah?
Dude #1: Yeah. Fucking bombs.
Dude #2: That’s it? That’s the story? I mean, I like tits, but there’s gotta be a point to a story, man.
Dude #1, after long pause: … Fag. –Kimmel Center, NYU Overheard by: that guy

When You’re Hoarse and Buggy

Girl #1: Actually, no. She ate a bug once we got to Lake Michigan — wind blew it right down her throat.
Girl #2: Oh, no! But bugs have lots of protein, so that’s good.
Girl #1: They say that about semen, too, though, so I don’t know how much of a comfort that really is. –Astor Pl Overheard by: Michelle