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The Plot of Rent, in a Nutshell

NYU kid #1: Man, I’m so over AIDS. I’m sick of people getting it, I’m sick of people spending money on it, and I’m sick of people giving it to other people.
NYU kid #2: Yeah, seriously, fuck AIDS.

–Outside an NYU dorm, University Pl

Drop Something and Follow It

Ghetto chick on cell: Yo, I don’t be unnastandin’ you — you mus’ be talkin’ foreign, ’cause you ain’t talkin’ no American. [Pauses, looking at girl next to her.] Yo, girl, you go to college? ‘Cause you looks smart. [Walks away, then stops at top of stairs, asking no one in particular] Yo, which way is down?

–Grand Central

West Cider Story

Dude #1: Why is New York called the ‘Big Apple’? Maybe it’s if you put together the five boroughs on a map, it looks like a very big apple.
Dude #2: Yes, obviously! What else did you think it could have been?

–W 4th St & MacDougal

Overheard by: V

Oh, Watch Out for That Homeless Guy

Dude #1: So, she lied to her parents about what third world country she went to?
Dude #2: Yeah, I guess so.
Dude #1: Wait, where did she really go?
Dude #2: I don’t know — Thailand, Vietnam or Kenya… Somewhere with poor people.
Dude #1: Damn.

–A train