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Beauty and the Beatdown

Daughter: Belle looks so beautiful.
Dad: I think your mom is prettier.
Mom: Oh, thanks, honey.
Guy behind them: Someone wants to get laid tonight.

Beauty and the Beast showing

Overheard by: Amanda

And by ‘Interesting’ I Mean ‘I Want to Sleep With You’

Self-satisfied girl: I’m not sure how I feel about democracy. I mean, I enjoy the benefits, but it’s like they say, ‘Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the other ones.’
Dude: That’s great! Who said that?
Self-satisfied girl: That guy de Tocqueville. You know, that little prince guy that came over here for a while. He taught us so much about ourselves.
Dude: That is so interesting.

–Court & Dean

Overheard by: lish

I Use a Gun Now

Man: Come on, baby, come back to my place!
Woman: Nah, the last time I went over to your place you stabbed me!
Man: Baby, that was four years ago!

–F train, Roosevelt Island

Overheard by: Milo