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Then We Go to a Museum and I Try to Lose Them

Granny: I’m babysitting for my daughter’s kids next Thursday.
Friend: What? You just sat for them last Thursday!
Granny: No, no, — I couldn’t make it that time.
Friend: But still…
Granny: Well, she has a lot of doctors’ appointments lately. Anyway, I just take them out for lunch and give them French fries.

–Starbucks, 70th & Broadway

Overheard by: Susan Volchok

What Is It with That Movie?

Bimbette: Oh my god, I’m so horny.
Friend: Did you just see Josh or something?
Bimbette: No, I just watched Newsies!
Friend: Without me?
Bimbette: It was sort of a one-on-one Newsies experience.
Friend: I totally understand… Dancing preteen boys…


Overheard by: Kelly