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A 20-something Has an Intern?

20-something girl #1: She’s so fucked in the brain — I can’t believe it. My intern wants an intern. Oh, God.
20-something girl #2, dreamily: Hmmm, makes me want to pee on her head.
20-something girl #1: You’d really be doing me a favor.

–Bryant Park

Hey, What Are Friends For?

Girl: Men are dicks.
Friend: It’s alright. You’ll get a new guy soon — you’re cute!
Girl: I know. I’m just sad.
Friend: Well, the sun will come out tomorrow. Have you ever heard of it being cloudy forever? No, because that’s impossible… Except for after a nuclear holocaust, in which case you should just kill yourself.

–4th & Mercer

Wait, Business or Pleasure?

20-ish guy: Hi, I’m Pete.
Teen chick: Hi, I’m Karen.
20-ish guy: I’m normally really shy, but being as how I am on this train, and you are on this train, I figured I’d introduce myself. Do you have a boyfriend?
Teen chick: No.
20-ish guy: Great! I don’t have a girlfriend, either — we just broke up. Where are you heading?
Teen chick: Court.
20-ish guy: That’s great! I just came from court myself!

–A train

Overheard by: Kris, who got off at W4th