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Nobody Calls ’em “Playerettes”

Black man #1: Man, that reminds me of my bachelor party! The other day this slut friend of mine was getting married — excuse my language.
Black man #2: That’s aight, man. Sometimes you gotta call a slut a slut.
Black man #1: So, she was getting married, right? And the guy is waiting for her in a hotel room with champagne and shit. And the bitch is at my house!
Black man #2: Yo, that’s a slut aight. –28th & 8th

Bukkake Is So Five Minutes Ago

High school latina #1: Yeah, she’s really sexy.
High school latina #2: Her lips are really soft.
High school latina #3: Yeah, you guys, her eye gunk’s sexy, too. I’d totally eat her eye gunk.
High school latina #2: Yeah, that’s true. I would, too. –1 train Overheard by: define sexy

Wednesday One-Liners Like to Be Close When They Kill

Dude: I miss my machete. –Union Square Overheard by: Ash Guy: For his 21st birthday I’m buying him a samurai sword. For his wedding I’m gonna buy him a giant samurai sword! –Tower Records, W 4th St Overheard by: Not a samurai Little kid: It’s chainsaw time! –New Jersey Transit train Overheard by: DrewDrewDrew Frizzy woman on cell: I mean, c’mon — it’s not like it was a knife, bitch, it was just scissors! –37th & 5th Overheard by: K