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So Obsessed with God and Sex, Unlike Americans

Chick #1: So, I talked to your boy this weekend.
Chick #2: Oh, yeah? And?
Chick #1: We talked for a while, and then he fed me this line about, ‘Us being together is what God would want us to do…’
Chick #2: Shit. For real?
Chick #1: Yeah. Damn Jamaicans.

–46th & Park

Overheard by: Rainy days and mondays…

Yoo-hoo Made My Brother Gay, Though

20-something girl #1: Why do they call it ‘Smart Water’?
20-something girl #2: Because it has electrolytes.
20-something girl #1: But does it make you smarter?
20-something girl #2: No! Does drinking Dr. Pepper make you a doctor? I don’t think so!

–6 train

Overheard by: Moses

So, a Big Stroke?

Guy #1: So, I don’t mean to be morbid, but of all the ways one can die, which would you prefer? I mean, if you had a choice, how would you prefer to die?
Guy #2, matter-of-factly: Masturbating… Yeah, I’d like to go out while masturbating.

–Karavas restaurant, Christopher & 7th

It’s Very Cute

Hipster girl: I haven’t seen any of your Facebook pictures, and I’ve been your friend for like a year!
Hipster boy: Really? You should.
Hipster girl: I’m checking them right now.
Hipster boy: Let me warn you, though — there are a lot of pictures of my penis on there.
Hipster girl: Oh, I’m used to that.

–Apple Store, 5th Ave