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I Don’t Usually Meet the Hookup Threshold Test

Law student: Dude, when I started school I was like,’ This shit’s gonna suck for my social life,’ but it turns out there are tons of cute girls in law school and they love to get drunk.
Non-law student: Really? So you’ve hooked up with a lot of girls at school?
Law student: Just one, actually, but it was only because I needed her notes.

–Metro North to White Plains

No Request Is Too Extreme

Girl #1: Thanks, I like being wished on. Well, not wished on, but wished for.
Girl #2: I was wished on in Mexico…
Girl #1, after long pause: Was it the same guy that gave you herpes?

–N train

Overheard by: i thought it was funny….

All Hail the Hypnobarista

40-something: Okay, lemme get two grande black coffees.
Barista: $4.10.
40-something: You know what? Make those ventis.
Barista: $4.44.
40-something: Okay, don’t kill me, but could I get one grande and one venti?
Barista: No.
40-something: What?
Barista: No.
40-something: You know, two ventis is perfect.

–Starbucks, Union Square