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At Least, That’s My Master’s Thesis

Preppy girl #1: What’s the difference between men’s shaving cream and women’s shaving cream?
Preppy girl #2: Um… I think it’s a different chemical reaction or something.

–CVS, Willets Pt & Francis Lewis Blvd, Queens

Overheard by: Jackie R.

Why the US Celebrates Mother’s Day

Mother: Oh my god, close the goddamn window! Close it!
Kid: No! I’m hot!
Mother: I swear. Oh my god, close the window!
Kid: Nooo!
Mother, moving to adjacent seat: You know what? You [points to laughing stranger] — she’s your new mommy. Listen to her.
New mommy: Boy, close that window. Oh my god, close that window!

–M60 bus to LaGuardia

Overheard by: Kevo