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I’m Putting You Down As a “No”

Guy #1: Yo, could you ever double team a girl?
Guy #2: Yes. Don’t care if there’s a naked dude right next to me, I’d rail the bitch with him. Eiffel Tower that shit.
Guy #3: Fuck that. I’d feel mad weird being naked next to another naked guy, just banging some girl… Maybe I could do it if I had my clothes on. Like, I could just fuck her through the fly. That way it wouldn’t be weird.

–East Village

Overheard by: Hiromi

Any Weirder Than Buying a Dildo Off of eBay?

Chick #1: So, when I went back to take a picture of the dildo on the fence post, it was gone? Who the fuck takes a dildo off a fence post?
Chick #2: Um, who puts a dildo on a fence post?
Chick #1: Well, that part kind of makes sense. But why take a dildo that’s been outside?
Chick #2: Maybe they were desperate?

–10th & 5th

But I’ll Pick Out a Nice One

Mom: Why don’t you pick out some nice earrings for me for Mother’s Day?
Little boy: I don’t have that much money. For Mother’s Day I’m getting you a hot dog.

–Gift store, the Met

Overheard by: Ki

I Heard That!

NYU student on cell: … And she didn’t realize that I was just, like, just so itchy!
Friend with her: Man, why are all the stupid girls in this city always on their cell phones?

–22nd & 2nd

Overheard by: jharris