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Wait, You Got Peeps?

Woman in self-scan lane, yelling at employee: These Peeps won’t scan!
Employee: Ma’am, please calm down. I can scan them in for you.
Woman: No, you know what? I don’t need the Peeps. I’ll take my Pepsi and forget the Peeps. Peeps not scanning… Ugh!
Employee, under her breath: Every fucking time this bitch is in here…

–Food Emporium

Overheard by: Meaghan

Are You Even in This Class?

Professor: … So metaphorically speaking, that’s why the descent into the subway is like going to Hell.
Student: That’s ridiculous.
Professor: Really? Why not? It’s very hot and sweaty down there, not to mention if you fall onto the tracks or touch the third rail, you’re dead.
Student: What’s wrong with being dead?

–Borough of Manhattan Community College

Overheard by: vic

Never Give Yeats’ Poetry to a Hobo

Crazy ranting hobo: Y’all need to get your shit together! You hear me, humans? Your shit is all outta whack! You’re all over the place like a bunch of crazy croutons and tomatoes in a crazy salad!
Man: Did that dude just call us croutons?

–A train

Overheard by: big fat crouton