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And the Forty?

TSA employee to people in line: All liquids and gels are prohibited beyond this point. Dispose of them now.
Four-year-old boy to father: Aw, man! Does that mean I have to get rid of my pimp juice? –LaGuardia

Plus, He’s Six Months Old

Girl #1: Would Nick like this?
Girl #2: What, walking here? In this place?
Girl #1: I’m asking.
Girl #2: No way. Nick just wouldn’t get this.
Girl #1: How do you mean?
Girl #2: Nick wouldn’t get this. For Nick if it doesn’t, like, have boobies every 90 seconds, he just switches off.
Girl #1: Right. –The Met Overheard by: Cliff

No, I Was Wrong. Sorry.

Voice of girl #1 from cell: Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?
Girl #2, into cell: Well, if you would shut the fuck up, then I could hear you! –Houston & Broadway

UN Negotiators Don’t Have the Tact They Used To

Vendor to lady haggling in Chinese: We’re not Chinese — we’re Vietnamese. Fuck off. –Canal St Overheard by: tj Headline by: Chris Runners-Up:
· “Don’t Make Me Shank You” – Joeritos
· “Even They Can’t Tell Each Other Apart.” – marko
· “Everyone’s a Rittle Bit Lacist” – Mikey G.
· “The Melting Pot Is Full” – Ecc
· “You Say Tǔ Dòu (potato) and I Say Khoai Tây (po-tah-to)” – H2
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