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No! Wait, Now I Have to Start Over.

Rambling six-year-old: … And when she came home, there was a body, and blood was everywhere ’cause he didn’t clean up after he murdered someone, and that’s when she realized–
Bored mom playing with cell: –That her husband was a slob?

–2 train

Overheard by: Good thing I’m neat

Why You Gotta Remain That Way All Your Life?

Afro: Shit, nigga, you never heard of Serendipity’s?
Cornrows: Nah.
Afro: It’s a motherfucking ice cream parlor.
Cornrows: Like what? Häagen-Dazs?
Afro: Nah, they charge you up the ass and you’re surrounded by white people.
Cornrows: Like Häagen-Dazs?
Afro: Nah, it’s classy. Fool, don’t you know anything about class?
Cornrows: So it’s like Häagen-Dazs.
Afro: Damn, you ignorant.

–84th & Amsterdam

McDonald’s? Are You Trying to Kill Me?

Barefoot hobo grabbing tourist by shoulders: Gimme your shoes, nigga!
Blonde tourist #1: Take my McDonald’s! Don’t rape me!
Blonde tourist #2: Rape her! She’s prettier than me!

–15th & 5th, Brooklyn

Overheard by: Julieee