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Maybe You Haven’t

Girlfriend: I was so sick yesterday until I finally went to the doctor.
Boyfriend: Oh, no! What was wrong?
Girlfriend: Well, um, you’ll find out anyway… I had a UTI. I mean, it’s not an STD, but you can get it from sex…
Boyfriend: But we haven’t been doing it that much!

–1 train

Where the Rubber Meets the Road, If You Like

Loud chick, on coming out of the closet: I have a lot of gay guy friends, and they all went through the same thing. Well, almost the same — ‘I’m different,’ then, ‘I’m bisexual,’ then, ‘I only like Asian women,’ then, finally, ‘I’m gay!’
Asian classmate: So, we’re the last pit stop before gay, now?

–Maimonides Hospital, Brooklyn

Overheard by: Ace Montana