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Sadly, That’s the Best Offer I’ve Had All Year

Fanboy #1: Man, I hope we have time to get drinks at the bar. And a smoke, I could use a smoke.
Fanboy #2: This is crazy. A line for the men’s room — I can’t believe all the urinals are taken. Man, I gotta piss. Say, do you want to share one?
Fanboy #1, horrified: A urinal?!
Fanboy #2, quickly: No! A drink!

–New World Stages

But Geminis Go Both Ways

Black chick #1: Geminis are the only people we need in this world.
Black chick #2: No, I think you’re wrong.
Black chick #1: What sign are you?
Black chick #2: I’m a Libra.
Black chick #1: No, we don’t need no Libras, Aries, or Tauruses.
Black chick #2 to her friend: What sign are you?
Friend: I think I’m a Scorpio.
Black chick #1: I’ve fucked a few Scorpios, they’re okay.

–2 train

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