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It Tingled

Rider #1: America’s a great country, but people don’t want to defend her. They don’t want to go to the front lines and get their brains blown out.
Rider #2: Been there; done that.

–D train

But Instead I Just Tape It and Send It to Jason

Roommate #1: Were you dreaming about Jason last night? You were moaning so loud it woke me up.
Roommate #2: Oh my god, I was? Have I ever done that before?
Roommate #1: All the time. Every once in a while I think about kicking you or something to see if you cum.


I’m Too Busy to Worry about It

Teen #1: Alright, how about Christian Bale-John Preston, or Christian Bale the Batman?
Teen #2: Definitely the Batman.
Teen #1: Yeah, but it’s John Preston.
Teen #2: Look, Bruce Wayne would kick John Preston’s ass, Grammaton Cleric or no.
Teen #1: You know we’re gonna be single forever, right?


Overheard by: Trevor Reznik all the way