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Maybe I Should Just Give Her Some Weed

Stoned college kid #1: I don’t want to spend all this fucking money on my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day.
Stoned college kid #2: Man, I found a way around that! I’m telling Maya I got a star named after her, but really I’m like… ‘Not.’ You get laid for free!
Stoned college kid #1: And what if she checks the stars, man?
Stoned college kid #2: Do you know how many stars there are, dude? There’s gotta be at least four Mayas…


Overheard by: Madison

I Found the Hole, Looked Inside and Found My Dignity, All Pale and Wrinkled

Coworker #1: Man, last night was a big night. I don’t even remember what happened after two. I woke up next to a half-eaten pizza.
Coworker #2: Yeah, I woke up next to a half-inflated blow-up doll. I had to submerge her in water in the morning to find the hole.

–Bar, LES

Headline by: like an albino shame-raisen

· “Between Latex and Pepperoni Lies Inebriation. By Calvin Klein” – Dan
· “He Was a Sharp One.” – C-in-OH
· “Just Like When I Lost My Virginity, Except This Time I Didn’t Kill Her” – Silverfish
· “Pies and Dolls” – Mikkel Hundewadt-Jensen
· “Star Trek Convention: The Morning After” – nicky c.

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