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I’d prefer if you just held me, like all the other times

Hobo: Let me sit in your lap and belch like a naughty girl!
Young man: Okay, now I’m freaked out.

–23rd & 6th

Overheard by: Zed

Headline by: tab

· “But That’s Just The Acid. Have A Seat!” – Lalaith
· “But Not Sufficiently So to Decline Your Generous Offer” – andy
· “Dad, Im Getting to Old for That!!” – not again!
· “Go Home, Britney.” – EKC
· “It Sucks to Be New York Santa” – aileen
· “Please Go Back to Humping My Leg.” – Dennis
· “The Fairy God Hobo Can Make All Your Dreams Come True…” – Uulargh of the Prairie

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Roosevelt Island Operating Company: Not on Our Watch

Boy: Mommy, what will happen if the tram falls into the river?
Mother: We will all die, darling. But I told you not to be afraid of dying!
Boy: But Mommy, I’m only eight! I’m too young to die!
Mother: Well, darling, stuff happens!

–Roosevelt Island tram

M4M Wednesday One-Liners

Queer: There are a lot of young kids out there learning how to spell ‘glamorous,’ and that makes me real happy.

–Canal Jeans Co

Queer to tourist: You’re from Minnesota? My ex’s father was a senator from Minnesota. I went there once to meet him… I forget his name, but what we did was very taboo.

–Prince St

Queer to another: Don’t nudge me, you lesbian.

–Line for he Cyclone, Coney Island

Queer to boyfriend: You remind me of this autistic kid I worked with once.

–Park Ave

Overheard by: Katey

Queer on cell, perusing baked goods: I want a muffin. Do you want a muffin? This whole courtroom wants a muffin!

–Food Emporium

Overheard by: admittedly amused