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The Circle of Life

Panhandler: I scored 50 bucks off those assholes today.
Drug dealer: Sweet. You wanna buy some pot?
Panhandler: Yup. Gimme 50 bucks worth.

–St. John’s Pl & Underhill Ave, Brooklyn

Overheard by: someone who always suspected this

In Which Case He Should Be Euthanized

Rushing dad dragging kid along: Well, most super guys are good guys.
Four-year-old son: No, some super guys are bad.
Rushing dad: What would make a super guy a bad super guy?
Four-year-old son: Well, he might suck. Like, if he couldn’t walk fast…

–Penn Station

Overheard by: klutch

Any Excuse for Balloons

Teen #1: Yo, I think Johnny graduated high school this year!
Teen #2: Are you sure, yo? That don’t sound like him.
Teen #1: Yeah. I walked by his house the other day and there were balloons and shit.
Teen #2: Shit, that don’t mean nothin’. That nigga always be celebratin’ somethin’.

–Port Authority

I Just Won’t Date a Girl Who Smells Worse Than Me

Chick: Are you sure you’re not gay?
Hipster dude: Yes.
Chick: But you’re so picky and shallow about girls.
Hipster dude: No, I’m not.
Chick: You said you wouldn’t date Kelsey because she has dirt under her nails.
Hipster dude: Well, yeah!
Chick: See?
Hipster dude: No.


Too Bad We Can’t Say the Same for You

Drunk boyfriend at party: Babe, get me some chicken on a stick.
Annoyed girlfriend: Get it yourself.
Drunk boyfriend: But I might make a mess and embarrass you…
Annoyed girlfriend: I don’t care anymore.
Girl passerby, handing him chicken on a stick: Here, have some chicken!
Annoyed girlfriend: Maybe you should date her.
Male passerby: Yeah, she seems like a keeper.

–Gibson Studios, W 54th, between 9th & 10th