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I Know a Couple Kids Getting a Razor-Blade Twix This Halloween

Hobo: Hey, kids, read a book, stay in school, and don’t do drugs!
Woman: Come on, kids, don’t talk to strange, crazy people. What did I tell you about that?! [To hobo, who looks insulted] It’s nothing personal — I just don’t want them to, like, get kidnapped or something, you know?
Hobo: Oh… Oh, um, yeah, I understand… [When woman’s out of earshot] Bitch.

–7th Ave & Garfield, Park Slope

Overheard by: Mike N

Look at Andy Kaufmann

Theater buff #1: So, do you think Michael Richards is a racist?
Theater buffs #2 and #3: Yes.
Theater buff #4: Nah.
Theater buff #1: Why not?
Theater buff #4: Because he’s a comedian and he yelled it on stage at a heckler. Racists don’t yell ‘nigger’ during a stand-up act in a comedy club. Racists yell ‘nigger’ when they’re driving a pickup truck dragging a chained-up black man behind them. People don’t fucking understand that a comedy improv can go horribly wrong!


Overheard by: Big Larry

That’s a Television, Mr. President.

Man sitting outside building: Hey, Angelo! You know why I sit over here?
Bored doorman: Why?
Man: You can see those midgets straight through there gettin’ in and out of that box! They do things you wouldn’t believe! Outfits and everything!

–77th St, between Lex & 3rd Ave

Headline by: nick

· “Count Me In!” – Lalaith
· “And with a Little Peanut Butter, You Can Get Them to Lick You anywhere.” – Jeff P
· “Dude, That’s a Fucking Playground” – s h
· “Like Babies but Cuter!” – Tellulah
· “Otis Gets Cable” – D. Kareem
· “That Box? Lindsay Lohan.” – sweetchuck

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Never Leaves the House

Guy #1: It’s too bad what that stingray did to Steve Irwin, but it was just an unpreventable accident.
Guy #2: Unpreventable?! He shoulda stayed in the fuckin’ boat!

–Kevin St. James Bar, 8th Ave

Overheard by: Hobo Whisperer

Wednesday One-Liners Are Not in Kansas Anymore

Tourist mom to daughter: This is a train station.

–Lobby of the MetLife building

Tourist on cell: I just humped Timmy in Times Square!

–Times Square

Tourist girl to no one, pointing out window: Oh my god, they actually have carts in New York that sell pretzels?! It’s actually true?!

–Boston-bound Greyhound

Tourist girl to boyfriend: Wow, New York is just like Ohio!

–Fast food corridor, Penn Station

Overheard by: Bean

Tourist to guide: Is it illegal to pick your nose in America?

–79th & 5th

Tourist kid: So, this has nothing to do with batteries?

–Battery Park

Overheard by: Good thing I have an iPhone