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If Such a Thing Exists

Tourist #1, looking at Papaya Dog: What is that? A hot dog made of fruit?
Tourist #2, looking around, embarrassed: Can someone take him off my hands? No, we’ll take you somewhere and get you a hot dog that’s really made of meat.

–W 4th & Broadway

Overheard by: emilyc

Charlie Sheen, Is That You?

Bag lady: Excuse me, everyone– if you could be generous enough to make a donation… My husband got sick and is out of work, and I’m trying to raise some money for us to eat. He’s staying over at the shelter right now.
Dude: Stand by your man. My wife left me to fuck rich guys when I was down on my luck.

–L train

Better Hundreds Dead Than Myself Inconvenienced

Hispanic guy: Can you believe they shut down the train station ’cause one guy got sick.
Old black guy: Fuckin’ selfish-ass people, man. Selfish.
Young woman: He was having a seizure.
Old black guy: Well, I would’ve dragged him out or something.
White guy: I can’t believe this is happening to me on my first day out of jail.

–116th & Broadway bus stop

Overheard by: Kendall