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As Close to Chivalry As New Yorkers Get

Girl crying on doorstep: Just leave so I can live my life!
Guy friend: I would, but I don’t think I should leave you. If anything, you should leave me so I know you’re okay.
Girl: That’s the gayest, most ’80s thing I’ve ever heard! [Guy, laughing hysterically, gets up and walks away.]
Guy friend: Bravo — that was the best insult I’ve ever heard in my life!

–8th & Ave C

Back in the Closet! Back, I Say!

Guy #1: I love Tom Brady — not just the fact he’s a great football player, but he knocked up that hot chick, too.
Guy #2: I know, man. He’s a real handsome guy.
Guy #3: Yo, I was just thinking that, too! I would eat his asshole.

–Outside Ski Bar, 72nd & 5th, Bay Ridge

Overheard by: stevesoph